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Forklift Training Licence


(LF) (Supersedes TLILIC2001) (LF) TLILIC0003 - Licence to Operate a Forklift Truck

Course Duration

Option 1: Recognition of Prior Learning

Option 2: 3 Day course depending on experience

Option 3: Learn at your own pace 

Course Dates:

Courses run most weekdays. Weekends by appointment only.


$500 Now $495.00 (Discount on Group bookings) 

When the invoice is payed in full, we will email out to the trainee, Learning Material to get the trainee started for all 3 options, which may shorten the course duration.

Courses are held at our Training facilities at 65 Telford St Virginia Qld 4014. North side of Brisbane & Southside of Brisbane or at your Site or Workplace Facilities Queensland Wide

Course Overview

This course is a legal  requirement for anyone who operates a forklift, licence class (LF) TLILIC0003 If you do not have a High Risk Licence you must enrol in a formal training course, delivered by recognised trainers and accredited assessors who are aligned with an R.T.O which Affordable Training is aligned with Tectra Australia RTO 40889.

As a condition of accreditation, assessors in Queensland are not permitted to conduct an assessment for a high risk work licence class unless they sight evidence of formal training and supervised practical training.

Option 1: Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL)

Are you an experienced operator who doesn’t hold a current Australian forklift licence? Would you like to have your skills recognised to reduce the time and cost required to obtain your full licence? Recognition of prior learning (RPL) may be the answer to your needs.

RPL may be suitable if you have:

  • An expired Australian forklift,
  • An overseas forklift licence,
  • Competency certification issued by the Armed Forces
  • Competency that you wish to transfer from the mining industry
  • Previously completed a forklift licence course, but did not submit your licence application within the required timeframe
  • Substantiated machine operation hours under supervision in the workplace
Day 1: We provide both theory and practical training. If you are ready after the Day 1 for your Forklift High risk written and practical assessment, we will book you in for your forklift high risk assessment, which all high risk assessment is a closed book assessment and is overseen by the department of Work Health And Safe nationally,
Option 2: 3 Day Course

We provide both theory and practical training generally over 2 days with a final assessment occurring on the third day. Additional training day(s) may be required if you show you have not achieved sufficient skills and competencies in the final licence assessment. Formal training is usually conducted in a classroom style environment and covers all elements of the unit of competency associated with the licence class. It includes both theory and practical demonstrations of safe use and operation of the plant.

Option 3: Learn At Your Own Pace

This option includes formal training in a classroom style environment and covers all elements of the unit of competency associated with the licence class. It involves theory and practical demonstrations.

After this first learning stage you will  then be given the chance to go back to your workplace where you will receive supervised practical training while you work and study: your activities will include performing Forklift operations.

Only after these stages will you be expected to undergo final assessment. When you feel ready for it, you can simply notify us and we will book you in for your assessments. Proximity of assessments. Written 2.5 hours, practical 1.5 hours. 

Course Outline
  • Plan work – Identify hazards and implement appropriate control measures
  • Conduct routine checks – Check logbook, Forklift structural integrity, safety and communication equipment
  • Shift Loads – The weight of load is assessed to ensure compliance with forklift truck data plate specifications Forklift is operated at a safe speed and according to procedures apply appropriate hazard prevention/control measures
  • Shut down – Correctly stow Forklift and safety equipment, conduct routine post-operational checks
The Participants will receive a PDF Version of their Statement of Attainment from RTO, Tectra Australia 40889, by Email, when him or her are deemed to be competent. Statements of attainment are documents (like a certificate) that show the units of competency that a student completes as part of a nationally recognised course. The Trainee will receive AS1 from the credit Trainer, then the trainee has 60 days to lodge his or her application online to receive there licence from WH&S Qld


What to Bring

What to Bring?

  • Appropriate PPE (Personal Protective Equipment)
  • Safety shoes or boots
  • Hi-vis shirt and
  • Safety hardhat
  • A broad brimmed sun hat and water bottle is recommended
  • We supply tea and coffee milk (Fridge) Cafe driving distance from venue
  • Proof of Identification
  • Drivers Licence
  • Passport
  • USI Number (if you don’t have a USI number, you can create one here: Create your USI).



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"... excellent training on the day. We appreciate your professionalism and care for student outcomes" - Luke Appleby

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"Really helpful and doesn’t push you into it right away, builds up your confidence, cheap and great course" - Tom Rae

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