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Guide to Getting Your Yellow Card in Workplace Training

Considering obtaining a Yellow Card but unsure where to start? This guide is your perfect starting point. We’ll walk you through the training process, what to anticipate, handling expired cards, and more – your complete assistance is our priority.

Possessing a Yellow Card elevates workplace safety standards and boosts your employability and potential for a higher income, presenting numerous advantages.

Affordable Training specializes in comprehensive training for the operation of Elevated Work Platforms (EWPs), ensuring you effortlessly obtain your EWP or Yellow Card.

Understanding the Yellow Card

Essentially, a Yellow Card validates your competency to work on EWPs up to 11 meters. It’s a certification proving your training and qualification to operate an EWP, adhering to all relevant Safe Work legislation. Without this certification, EWP operation contravenes Safe Work practices and compromises safety.

Holding a Yellow Card not only enhances safety standards but also elevates your skill level, making you a desirable candidate for employers and opening doors to negotiate better salaries.

Acquiring Your Yellow Card

To get your Yellow Card, follow these steps:

  1. Enrol in a Training Course: Sign up for a course with a registered training organization (RTO) like Affordable Training. These courses, typically a day long, include practical and theoretical aspects covering:
    • Hazard identification, risk assessment, and control measures
    • Safe operating procedures using manuals and data plates
    • Pre and post-operational checks
    • Inspection and use of fall arrest harness
    • Operating various EWPs
    • Emergency protocols
  2. Complete Training and Gain Competency: Upon successful completion, receive your statement of attainment and your Yellow Card from the Elevating Work Platform Association (EWPA).

Financial Assistance and Exemptions While there are no exemptions under Safe Work for operating EWPs without a Yellow Card, various funding avenues exist. Programs like Skilling Queenslanders For Work may offer these qualifications through your employer at no cost. Additional funding options from Jetco, and BERT are available for workforce training see more details here.

Yellow Card Renewal and Replacement Yellow Cards generally expire after five years. Cards issued before July 1, 2013, require updated training due to recent WHS/OHS Regulation changes. As of December 31, 2022, older cards will not be reissued by the EWPA without proof of updated training. It’s crucial to renew your training and get your updated card promptly if your Yellow Card is expired or lost.

Choose Affordable Training for Your Certification

Affordable Training (approved RTO), offers accredited EWP operation courses. Our trainers, with firsthand experience, provide engaging material, aiming for an enjoyable and effective learning experience. Our objective is for you to complete your training with the necessary competency, equipped with your statement of attainment and Yellow Card, ready to ensure safety at work and for your colleagues.

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