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We Run Day Courses (Afternoon Courses For Group Bookings Only). EWP High Risk Work Licence Over 11 Metres Training (Boom Lift Course) $590 Per Person. Ask about Combining. EWP (Boom over 11 Meters) and Scissor Lift  EWPA Photo Id Yellow Card for just $785 Per Person

Course Certification

TLILIC0005 – (WP) High Risk Licence to Operate Boom-Type Elevating Work Platform nationally recognised course (boom length over 11 metres).

Course Duration & Dates

3 DAY Course.  Ask about Combine EWPA Yellow Card Scissor Lift Course.

courses dates: Monday 1st of July & Tuesday 2nd of July 2024. Assessment Day: Wednesday 3rd of July 2024

courses dates: Monday 15th of July & Tuesday 16th of July 2024. Assessment Day: Wednesday 17th of July 2024

courses dates: Monday 29th of July & Tuesday 30th of July 2024. Assessment Day: Wednesday 31th of July 2024

courses dates: Monday 12th of August & Tuesday 13th of July 2024. Assessment Day: Wednesday 14th of July 2024

Please ring the office to enquire about other dates, if the dates above do not suit you or we have not set a course date.

Option 1:  Recognition of Prior Learning 1 and Half days – 2 days depending on your experience

Option 2:  3 Day course depending on experience

Option 3:  Learn at your own pace

(Note): 1 and half days – 2 day Course is available for all students who have evidence of previously operating a Boom Lift Over 11 Metres. Had previous expired High Risk Licence or want to upgrade from a Yellow Card Licence or a letter from employer mention previous experience .

Boom Lift Ticket Courses are run most weekdays, Afternoons and Weekends by appointment only.

Course Price

$690 now $590 and the EWPA Yellow Card Scissor lift for just $785 Per Person. When invoice is paid in full, we will send by email, Learning Material to get the trainee started for all 3 options, which may shorten the course duration.

Course Locations

Brisbane facilities: 65 Telford St Virginia Qld 4014. North side of Brisbane. Address: 65 Telford Street Virginia Queensland, meet at front gate. Corner of Telford St and Saltash St Virginia & Southside of Brisbane

On-Site Queensland only.

Course Overview

This course is a legal requirement to operate an Elevating Work Platform (Boom Lift) 11 metres and over. Licence Class (WP) You could get an the spot fine from WH&SQ. If you are not enrolled in a WP course and don’t hold valid licence class WP. Fines range from $144 – $720 for Individuals and $720 to $3600 for a business.

We provide both theory and practical training to obtain a High-Risk Work Licence. It is a legal requirement in this sector in Australia. All Elevating Work Platform Operators must enrol in a formal training course delivered by recognised trainers and accredited assessors aligned with an R.T.O.

It is a condition of accreditation that assessors in Queensland not conduct an assessment for a high-risk work licence class unless they sight evidence of formal training and supervised practical training.

Course Outline

  • Option 1:

    1 and a half days – 2 days course depending on your experience and if the trainee meets the RPL criteria as mention below. Recognition Prior Learning (RPL)

    Are you an experienced operator who doesn’t hold a current Australian EWP Boom Lift Licence? Would you like to have your skills recognised to reduce the time required to obtain your full licence? Recognition of prior learning (RPL) may be the answer to your needs.

    RPL may be suitable if you have:

    • Operated an EWP or similar machine but never applied for an EWP Licence;
    • An expired Australian EWP Boom Over 11 Metre Licence or held a (Yellow card) Trailer Lift, Scissor lift or Boom Lift Licence Under 11 Metres;
    • An overseas EWP licence or competency base licence;
    • Competency certification issued by the Armed Forces;
    • Competency that you wish to transfer from the mining industry;
    • Previously completed a EWP Licence course, but did not submit your licence application within the required timeframe.
    • Substantiated machine operation hours under supervision in the workplace.

    If you meet the criteria, when invoice is paid in full, we will email out all learning material, so the trainee can get ready for the course. Day 1: We provide both theory and practical training. If you are ready after the Day 1 for your High risk written and practical assessment, we will book you in for your EWP high risk assessment, which all high risk assessment is a closed book assessment and is overseen by the department of Work Health And Safe nationally,

    Option 2:  3-Day Course

    We provide both theory and practical training, generally over 2 days with a final assessment occurring on the third day. An additional training day(s) may be required if you have not achieved sufficient skills and competencies for the final licence assessment. Formal training is usually conducted in a classroom style environment and covers all elements of the unit of competency associated with the licence class. It includes both theory and practical demonstrations of the safe use and operation of the plant.

    Option 3: Learn at Your Own Pace

    This option includes formal training in a classroom style environment and covers all elements of the unit of competency associated with the licence class. It involves theory and practical demonstrations (Day 1). After this first learning stage (Day 1) you will then be given the chance to go back to your workplace where you will receive supervised practical training while you work and study. Your activities will include performing EWP operations. Only after these stages will you be expected to undergo final assessment. When you feel ready for your assessment, you can simply notify us and we will book you in for your assessments.

    Duration of assessments: Written 2.5 hours, practical 1.5 hours.

    The Participants will receive a PDF Version of their Statement of Attainment from RTO, Tectra Australia 40889, by Email, when him or her are deemed to be competent. Statements of attainment are documents (like a certificate) that show the units of competency that a student completes as part of a nationally recognised course. The Trainee will receive email from WH&SQ,then the trainee has 60 days to lodge his or her application online to receive there licence from Work Health and Safety Qld

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Complete the Scissor Lift Training together with the Boom Lift Training for only $330!

Courses available Monday – Friday. Saturday Sunday by appointment.

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